Cereal Box Book Report due June 17


· Cereal Box – empty and in good shape (no torn off tops or crushed sides)

· Full colored paper – different colors

· Construction Paper

· Stickers

· Glitter

· Glue

· Scrapbook decorations

· Packing tape

How to Make this Book Report

Step One:

Tape both ends with packing tape to seal down the flaps and to keep them from poking up after wrapping. Wrap the cereal box like you would a Christmas present. The boxes look better when wrapped in a neutral color like white, gray, or beige.

Step Two:

The front of the box will have the title of the book, author name, and a picture or object that symbolizes the story. Select an image or object that would be a movie poster if this book were to be made in to a film. Use a meaningful image that is different from the book’s cover, and different from the movie illustration if it has been made into a movie. Creativity is an important part in the overall grading. Students can draw their own image, use  art they’ve printed from a computer, or use 3-D objects. Not only should the image be attractive, but the title and author’s name should be bold and visible on the front of the box.

Step Three:

On the back of the box, students will illustrate their knowledge of the book. They write a review that gets other students interested in reading the book. Include important details but don’t give the story away by telling the ending. Use 2 or 3 symbolic images that represent the book in some way.

Step Four:

Side one of the cereal box should list the “ingredients”, or characters in the novel. Each main character should also have a few sentences that describe their physical and personality traits. You can use a picture or object that symbolizes each character, in addition to the sentences. Stickers and trinkets would be great for character symbols. Students can type up their descriptions ( all the writing in the box) and print them using attractive font and color. Simply writing the information directly on to the  paper will appear sloppy and will not look well in case of mistakes. Typing, printing, cutting and pasting on to the box is the  best way to get your project to  look its best.

Step Five:

Side two of the cereal box needs to describe the setting of the story. Write a descriptive paragraph. Side two should also include whether the story was written in first or third person.

Step Six:

The top of the box should contain a theme statement that the student created to best fit the story. You can use symbolic pictures to accompany the theme statement. Extra credit will be given if you quote (include page) where you found the theme.

Step Seven:

The bottom of the box will contain two tone (mood) words that best describe the first half of the work and then two additional tone words that describe the second half of the work. Images and pictures will make this side look better.

Report Presentation

Students will present them to the class, and; take time to explain /describe each aspect of the box. They will be displayed.

Have fun!


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